Friday, 2 March 2012

Well, that was a good start

Well that lasted long then. Already I have sacrificed 5 commuting days in 2012, one more than 2011 and it's only March, just.

I blogged on Sunday the 26th that I needed to ride every working day to match my 2011 stats, the very next day I drove to work, then stayed home for a further 2 days with a chest infection. 830 miles ridden YTD, could well have been somewhere closer to 980.

Ow well, shit happens. This time last year I was still driving daily so all the crap weather was missed. This year I seem to be catching everything possible, cycling through illness seemed like a good idea initially but as it turns out thats probably exactly what made it worse. My legs are certainly feeling the missed miles tonight, they ache like a wednesday morning. I need to be hitting 5 days regularly to get my fitness back.

Bring on April the 1st.

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