Sunday, 11 March 2012

Deadlines and Dead lines.....

So I've been checking out a few other cyclists blogs and I have to admit most seem easier on the eye than mine. Its not the content but the lack of images I blame for this...

Saturday morning (10/03) I decided to go out for a ride, I was due to go on a training ride with a friend but prior engagements put paid to that idea, I was in the mood for a ride so off I went. Being a commuter I don't generally cycle at weekends, I ride 130 plus miles a week so I prefer to spend my weekend time with the family. (I had friday off this week which kinda gave me the excuse I needed).

                                         Ascot Racecourse (it doesnt actually look this good when empty)

Whilst riding I started to take in all that was around me, the quiet roads, the natural noises and the views, wow the views. Its been a long time since I rode my bike simply for the sake of it, just to get some miles in the legs.

This got me into thinking, this is exactly why my blog posts generally dont contain pictures. When I ride I have a dead line to meet, I'm cycling to or from work in rush hour traffic so I don't get to dick about and stop to take in the scenery or take a picture, I've been dying to take a pic of the surrey border sign which reads 'welcome to surrey, the host county of the olympic road race' as I pass this daily and think its very cool, i'm guessing that will come down next year. Thing is I just don't have the time or the balls to stop and get my phone out of my bag to take a pic as cars are passing at 50mph.

                                         Royal Holloway College (Beautiful)

Up until very recently my commute has been in darkness, I cycle through some nice towns and past some nice scenery but I rarely even look, I have a time to keep and the view away from the asphalt simply blends into a selection of dead lines outside of my line of vision. Ascot race course, Ascot Heath golf course, Windsor Great Park, Old Windsor, Wentworth, Virginia Water, Royal Holloway College, the River Thames some truely great landmarks of English heritage but I'm generally only ever interested in the 2 ft in front of my wheel.

                                         Windsor Great Park (I've not once seen a deer)

So I have added images in this post of places I cycle past daily but barely look at, shame on me.

                                         Virginia waters.

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