Sunday, 26 February 2012

2012 goals, a step in the right direction

Hmmn....Goals for 2012. As a cycle commuter I guess my initial goals where fairly simple. Continue to cycle to work, avoid snow, stay safe and drive as little as possible. This hasn't gone brilliantly with the recent cold/snow. From March the 28th last year I worked 169 days and of those days I cycled 165 days, so 4 days lost to convenience/sickness. In 2012 I have already lost 4 days of cycling to well 'crap' weather.

I realise there is nothing I can do about this and at the end of the day safety comes first, that said in order to match 2011's days 'ridden' I have to now ride everyday I work for the remainder of the year. yay.

So I have posted previously (you're forgiven if you missed it) that I wanted to ride a 100 mile sportive and I hope to do this later in the year. It's not the distance I fear but doing 100 miles on a Sunday probably won't fare me too well for the following weeks commute, which by the way I have extended from 12.5 miles each way to 14.8. Primarily due to an 'in house mileage war'.

Yesterday looking through the cyclosport site I found this event. Its in Hampshire (close), its on the 1st of April (i'm free) and its 88 miles for £23, if you know sportives you know this is a good price. They supply Breakfast and lunch and the event is sponsored by Torq, so I'll be getting some serious nutrition at the availble stops on route. Its not 100 miles but its close enough as a start, my next sportive will be, I promise. This ride just seems too good to pass up. I can't wait for the 18% gradient 3 miles from the finish, no really (cough).

Anyway, My right leg has gone completly dead writing this so I'm off. Enjoy your Sunday.

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