Friday, 9 March 2012

I have a need...

Ok so my best endeavours have failed, well not so much failed but fallen aside somewhat. I had hoped to ride over 1000 miles before the end of Feb. Not happened. I've ridden 857 miles, which is good but not what I wanted. I have a viral infection which I just cannot seem to shift, I've been coughing for weeks, I've seen a doctor and been told its not bacterial and will eventually pass 'within 6 weeks', wicked I never enjoyed sleeping horizontally anyway....

I wanna be fit, I wanna be healthy and I want to stop F**king coughing. I've been avoiding the bike in a vain attempt to ditch the virus.

I feel like I want to replace my bike now, riding so frequently requires certain needs from your steed. I've recently changed my chain and cassette on the bike just prior to the UK being showered in snow and ice, not the end of the world I know just a bit of an inconvienence.

The bike looks shit, everything has a layer of rust, I'm not a cleaner, I know I should wash the road debris of my bike when I get home each night especially when rock salt has been laid down but I simply can't be bothered as its still dark when I arrive home.

Genesis Flyer thats what I want. What a beautiful peice of kit. I recon I have 2 choices, Alfine hub gears or a single speed. Riding derailleur's in all weathers just means maintenance. Genesis do 2 bikes I want to own, I intend to own one before the year is out. Whether that is the 'day one' or the 'Flyer' I don't know. I really am pining for a single speed right now after all, its all the bike I'll ever need.

Who needs gears anyway?

HHhhhmmmnmnn Maybe this is just a phase, my bike went back to my LBS recently to have the gear cables tightened. The front mech had seized. With a little love and a lot of lubrication she came good in the end (ahem)...but seeing my bike sat around all the lovely new bikes in the store made her look sad and old........and rusty. Signing up to another ride to work scheme really appeals. The Tricross has been a god send and never misses a beat but I want something lighter and needing less maintenance.  Steel, single speed, light, fast gotta be done......

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