Friday, 16 March 2012

The Star for going so far....part two

So finally it happened.... I have passed 200 commuting days. When I started this blog I hoped to ride 200 consecutive commuting days. I have grown up since then and realised this is nigh on impossible with the Engilsh weather.

I did initially feel guilty when driving the car to work instead of riding the bike. Now my outlook has changed a little. Each has its purpose. I'll always choose the bike over the car if given a choice but sometimes that choice is taken away from you and I've learnt to enjoy the drive. I get to drop my daughter off at nusery when I drive which always makes me happy.

This means 2 stars on my top tube to mark the 'double ton'. I still get ripped for this at work, being likened to a child during potty training. 'well done Nick here's a star for your cross bar'.

I intend to attach a picture of my top tube with 2 stickers on (I can feel the anticipation), well what else are you gonna do with that blank tubing?

Bit of motivation as I look down. I wonder how many stars I have on the bike before I upgrade.....

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