Monday, 19 March 2012

Well thats nice....

Cycling along on the A332 Windsor Road this morning in a north westerly direction, I noticed a White Audi looking to emerge right from 'broadpool cottages', this would have meant him crossing my lane to continue his journey in the opposite direction.

I was a couple of hundred ft away when I noticed him. As I apporached the traffic was fairly heavy in both directions so I assumed he'd continue to wait until I was long past before pulling out.

I was then around 30ft away, riding at 20mph when I realised he was pulling out. This was a bit of a shock, turns out there wasn't a car immediatly on my side of the road approaching his turning , only me on my bike. On the other side of the road the car passing had flashed to the driver to indicate his willingness to let the white Audi pull out. I assume the Audi had got bored of waiting for a gap as he clearly wasn't interested in waiting for me to pass, instead he pulled out directly in front of me. It was cold this morning and the Audi driver clearly had no experience in these conditions as he was un-intentionally wheel spining his car. (if it was intentional he'd be in a car park doing doughnuts listening to Eminem, surely?)

The funny thing was I could clearly lip read him saying 'sorry mate, sorry mate' repeatedly as he realised I was going faster than he'd initially thought and that I was FUCKING CLOSE as he pulled out, oddly at no point did he try and stop, he just continued to pull directly in front of my path.

This sort of incident leaves me seething with anger as its clearly avoidable. Why would you simply pull out in front of an on coming cyclist? When I drive I wait for 2 lanes of clear traffic before pulling across into one of them. Ow wait a minute, i'm on a push bike so I clearly don't figure in the minds of a driver, after all, his journey is far more important than mine. prick.

Rant over.

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