Thursday, 20 October 2011

WHAT a freaking Jacket...

WHAT a freaking Jacket......

Need a decent jacket for your winter commute? Look no further than this awesome bit of kit, the Altura Night Vision EVO jacket RRP £100 but you can find a bargain if you look.

I bought mine from DiscountCylesDirect for £69. I read soooo many reviews on this jacket from real world users and pretty much 98% would recommend it. A few nobs mentioned they felt the jacket was 'boil in the bag hot', I found this amusing as the jacket is waterproof and windproof, what do you expect??!! This is a winter jacket not an autumn jacket....

I wore mine this morning at 1 degree with only a base layer underneath, the perfect jacket for cold tempratures. The wooly neck lining helps keep your (erm) neck toasty warm and stops the cold breeze heading southward.  The jacket is completely waterproof including the zips, with adjustable cuffs (bonus).

I really can't praise this jacket enough, though I would say you may need to tighten the waist drawstrings slightly as I found without doing so the jacket can ride up at the front but this is probably because I'm just so freaking fast on the bike, so don't worry too much.

The reflective strips and lettering stand out a treat you even get a free flashing red LED which attaches to a velcro patch on the rear of the jacket. Nice Touch that.

Simply the best winter jacket availible at £70.

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