Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Reason

Clearly I am new to blogging, never done anything like this before so thought i'd give it a go...I intend this blog to be about my commuting by bike through the impending English winter, as i sit here typing this in my front room, the sky is blue and cloudless and the sun shining bright. Not bad for mid October. Sadly I commute at 7:20 in the Am not 3pm in the afternoon.

I hope to blog on my route, the bike i use, the clothes I wear and the sites i see. This will be my first winter commuting having moved to Bracknell from Aldershot in March to lessen the cost of travelling to work.

So far this year I have covered just over 2600 miles on the bike getting to and from work. I ride 25 miles a day every working day as long as i haven't called in sick......Having started from no bike and no kit, I bought a Specialized Tricross Sport using the cycle to work scheme, I have added numerous bits of riding gear as the seasons have changed. Being a family of 4 I'm rocking a tight budget and purchase only what i need when i really need it. I'm not made of money and I do this to save money....simple.

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