Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Route

This is my current commute, all 12.5 miles of it (The perfect distance?). I ride from Bracknell Forest to my Office @ 1 London Road in Staines.

When I started doing this commute on the 28th March 2011 I posted a time of 49 mins (give or take).
My fastest time to date is 36:19 with an average speed of 20.4 mph,  which gives you an idea on my level of fitness now and my level of fitness then.

My journey time is slower going home due to the nature of the profile. 40:59 at an average of 18.4mph is my best yet.

The commute is all on A roads, I go through Ascot town centre and follow the route on to the A30 at Wentworth golf course. The road turns into a dual carriageway at Egham just past the Maranello gararge.

My next post will be of the route profile....peace

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