Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Damn, the cardinal sin commited.....I just kept riding.

Riding to work this morning I clocked an upturned bike just beyond a small wall I was passing, clearly another cyclist with a mechanical. In that split second I made the decision to keep on riding pretending I'd not seen the cyclist (cause i'm nice like that), unfortunately the rider walked from behind the wall and we made eye contact.

Not so much of a problem if I could just keep riding but ow no, the poxy traffic lights went red just 10 meters from the striken cyclist. By this point I couldn't turn back, damage done, anyway it's cold and I'm in a rush right, just keep looking forward...

I do carry tools with me, always have, 2 spare tubes, tyre leavers, a multi tool and a pump, silly to leave home without that right. I thought 'ah well, that dude should have his spares like me'. cocky twat. I don't even know if I had the tools to help but thats missing the point.

In hindsight I wish i'd stopped to offer assistance even if I couldn't as thats all we want in our moment of need, a little assistance. Being a fellow cyclist i'm ashamed to have kept riding and just hope he doesn't cycle past me when my chain's snapped, now thats a tool I don't carry....

Next rider down and I'm stopping to help, regardless then the happy/sad balance will be restored.

So if you look like a fat Mika and had a mechanical on the A30 at around 7:50am and by some miracle happen to be reading this 'sorry mate'.

 There's more to this cycling lark than just pushin pedals......

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