Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Bike

This is my commuter, the only bike I own, a size medium 2010 Specialized Tricross sport. Ironically I didn't buy this bike to commute, I bought it simply because it does everything i'd ever need it to do. I wanted a bike that I could ride on the road, off road and a bike I could carry one of my children on using a rear fitting bike seat. I've ridden this bike off road with knobbly tyres and a 2 stone child attached and i've used it to cover over 2500 road miles, it really is that versatile.

I bought the bike from Evans using the cycle to work scheme, simply fittting Shimano M424 SPD pedals and adding a pair of Specialized sport mountain shoes into the deal and I was away.

The bike had really good reviews on the Evans site from real people that use the bike, I'm always a little skeptical reading magazine reviews on bikes as the testers are responding to niggles real world riders would simply never notice. I've since read this bike is 'sluggish', as far as i'm concerned if its slow, I need to be fitter to go faster so win win!

The only things I have changed on the bike are the tyres. I have some Conti Gatorskin 25's which replaced the standard semi slick Specialized tyres on the bike. The original tyres were ok but a little sluggish on tarmac. As a commuter I need a strong tyre, I don't want to be wasting time repairing punctures on the road side. A colleague of mine used these tyres on his Allez to ride the LEJOG route in 2011 without a single puncture, good enough for me.

I've added mudguards which is a no brainer for anyone hoping to commute through the British winter or summer come to think of it.

Ok so other than that the bike is standard, ow I did flip the stem as it was far to high right way up. Touch wood, the only thing I've actually had to change so far are the front brake pads, not a bad return for over £350 saved in fuel costs.

More bleating to some point....

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