Thursday, 2 August 2012

My favourite route

So I cycle daily from my home in Bracknell to my place of work in Staines, yeah Staines upon Thames, the small town on the south west outskirts of London just inside the M25.

Nothing special as a location and nothing to speak of as a town but god damn the commute is beautiful. I've been cycling to and from now for over a year never really leaving the main road. Initially i took the route through Ascot turning left at Wentworth golf course following the A30 past Virginia water and the stunning Royal Holloway college.

In an attempt to gain more mileage I changed my route and started cycling through Windsor Great park, well the main roads through it anyway, on to Runnymede and beyond to Staines.

A man of routine you see, find a route, follow it, ride it faster (thats a strava thing), thats me, thats what I do.

Well last week I was challenged to change my route again, so I did, it's shorter that the long one and longer than the short one. More importantly, I don't share the road with cars. I share the road with cyclists and deer!

Look no traffic!

None, anywhere, on a commute toward the country's capital!

Look, Windsor Castle...honest guv

Now every cyclist wants to read this surely!

What a route, what a commute, can't wait to ride this covered in snow.

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