Sunday, 26 August 2012

This is frightening...

Now I don't really want to get involved in this "did he,didn't he" theory regarding Lance Armstrong (that's clearly a lie, I love a bit of drama). It's long since been assumed he did but never been proven. Now USADA are running with what Lance considers a "witch hunt" its certainly looking more likely that he actually did. This next few weeks will be an interesting chapter in the history of cycling. They've taken his decision not to continue fighting as a declaration of guilt, all evidence would have been provided to him prior to the sanction.

Lance has already been stripped of all results circa 1998 but the evidence put forward by the USADA in the weeks to come will establish if that ruling actually stands. If as USADA officials state, they have as many as 10 eye witnesses willing to testify against Armstrong, many of those being fellow professional cyclists from his former team and many of them already being banned riders in the shape of Floyd Landis, Tyler Hamilton et al. Each one Armstrong's deputy and each one fallen by the wayside on his route to 7 Tours de France. Director sportif's, team doctor's, you name it, all implicated.

Difficult to know the truth without the man coming out and saying "I did it". The sad thing is, (if this is true) being a cancer sufferer he was a real beacon of hope for millions around the world, a real inspiration. I know I own both his books, the first of which almost bought me to tears. A genuine hero. But being a genuine cycling fan, I want answers and I want them from him not some bullshit penned by his highly paid lawyers. We all know the lengths Landis went to too prove he was innocent, it was and is just embarassing and he's a parasite that needs to disappear. The 'Floyd fairness fund' I mean come on, he's just been ordered to pay $475,000 of money obtained by fraud.

Sadly, cycling has no history without doping, it really is that black and white. Tom Simpson was on something when he died on the slopes of mont ventoux. Numerous cyclists have tried and failed without the use of substance. So many riders still do it, I believe 3 were banned from this years tour for doping. I enjoy the riders that have come from nowhere, with no history of winning yet here they are on this given day kicking the arse's of the worlds best "clean" riders, haha. It's only a matter of time.

Anyway the image shown above taken from the NY Times tells you the sad truth about cycling history. Riddled with corrupt c**ts. 2003 is a particularly special year, who do the UCI give the title too, hmm decisions, decisions.

Win at all costs.

NY Times article

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