Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A letter of complaint

To whom it may concern,
                                            I’d like to advise you of some terrible customer service I received from your Guildford store (Unit 3 Woodbridge House) when taking my bike for its recent 4 week check-up. I took the bike into the Guildford store on Thursday the 21st of June.  Since the purchase of the bike I have been adjusting the height of the stem using the spacers provided, to try and obtain the optimal riding position. When handing the bike over to the Service and Repair desk at Evans I had asked if the Steerer tube could be cut down during the service but I was told this wasn’t covered in the free service due to the amount of work involved. Upon returning home, having left the bike at the store, I decided to call the store again just to clarify the process as I didn’t believe it would be too time consuming or difficult. I spoke to a Tristan initially but was passed to someone who’s name I can’t remember. I was told that because the steerer tube was carbon they would not be happy in cutting the tube length down as I only required it reducing by 10mil and that a 5mil space would need to remain (above the stem) to ensure safety, ‘so what’s the point?’
I asked the individual to confirm the steerer tube material and I was again advised it was carbon, I said ‘are you looking at it now’ and was told ‘yes’.  Now at this point I thought ok fine, if they are looking at it now they can’t be wrong and thought nothing more of it.  Until of course I got the bike home and decided to lower the stem again and realised that the steerer tube is actually aluminium, you can see this by checking the bike spec on the Evans website (the bike is a Cannondale Caad8 C 105 2012 Evans part number EV149845-54-BLK), which clearly stipulates:  Fork: Cannondale Ultra, Carbon Blades, 1-1/8"
So it appears you’re staff lied to me in that when they said they were looking at the bike, when they were clearly not. They also lied to me when advising that the steerer tube was carbon, when it is clearly not.
I would like a formal apology regarding this matter and I’d also like to know why your staff members feel it is ok to lie to new customers. I think it’s disgraceful that I have been lied to on 2 occasion’s by your paid mechanics. Any bike shop would cut down a steerer tube for a small labour fee,  but to lie to avoid the task is a disgrace.
If it wasn’t for my companies Cycle 2 work scheme being with Evans, I simply wouldn’t step foot in your stores due to this type of inadequate and frankly offensive customer service
I look forward to hearing from you soon
Yours Faithfully

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  1. Hi, sorry to hear you had a bad experience at our Guildford store. Please can you send an email to and we'll try to rectify it. Thanks and apologies again.