Thursday, 2 August 2012

Evans reprieve

If you read an earlier post of mine you'll have read my disappointment at the customer service I recieved at the hands of their Guildford store. Working in customer service myself I appreciate good service on the products I purchase and more importantly good after sales service, buying the product is just the start of the relationship. Things break and thats life, you need to know you're being provided with a level of support when parting with your cash.

I buy a bike, i want to know the seller is going to provide me with a decent level of service, not much to ask is it?

Being lied to by individuals you're lead to trust is just rude, offensive. If you are unable to perform a task, give a reason, provide a solution, don't just lie.

I have lost all faith I ever had with shop staff at Evans, from trying to be sold a bike I didn't want or couldn't afford in Kingston, to being lied to by mechanic's in Guildford. It will take a long time and a grand reason for me to take a bike into that chain of stores for any work. A local bike shop will always be my preference and I know mine, service above and beyond with a passion for bikes.

I can't fault Evans online store, I'll continue to use this service if they offer what i want at the best prices, which only a chain seem to be able to do.

Thankfully the customer service team are better than their counterparts on the shop floor.

Thanks for listening and thanks for the gesture.

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