Friday, 2 December 2011

It felt like cheating.....

OMG....My first day driving to work since I moved to Bracknell on the 23rd of March or in other words my first working day out of the saddle (since that date)....

The 1st of December bought me my 150th consecutive ride to work thats 3453 miles in the saddle since March. This morning it was 2 degrees, the shed roof was white and the car had ice on the windscreen. Ironically I have grown to love these crisp mornings if just because its not blowing a gale or pissing with rain.

I can always post a good time when its cold and still. Not today, the need to see a doctor and my company's Christmas party (black tie affair, couldn't carry a suit in my rucksack) means I needed to give up the bike and take the wife's car. Ok so I did get an extra hour in bed which was very nice but driving where I usually ride felt bad.

It almost felt like I was cheating on my bike, taking the same route, looking at the same views but not working for it, simply sitting there in the warm, driving. I felt like I hadn't earnt it. When I ride, I earn every part of the route, every overtake, every scalp, the freedom, the challenge of the hills and the reward of the descent....None of that today, I just bloody sat there in my warm car driving at twice the speed getting impatient with other drivers that can't seem to deal with roundabouts. Why would you stop if you can see the approach and nothing is coming AAARRRRGGGGHHHH.

I missed the space of the bike, the freedom to be the only reason I may be late. Ascot high street in a car is a mare, waiting for people turning left, waiting for people turning right, waiting for IDIOTS to park....On my bike I just go round them, think nothing of it and keep moving.

Give me the bike anyday of the week, any weather, always my preference and always my choice. Maybe its just me getting old and impatient. With only me to blame for my speed I can't be upset if I'm late, I just have to get faster..simple. When someone else holds me up I turn into the worlds greatest critic.

Sod it, back to the bike monday and where I want to be.

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