Monday, 19 December 2011

Another 1st

I started to panic a little last night when at 7pm the car was frosting up and the shed roof was white. I may have mentioned OCD in a previous post and my bike routine is no different. I check my bike nightly to ensure the chain is lubed sufficently, the tyres are pumped up and puncture free and to simply make sure the shed is secure, its my thing right, don't knock it. I'd rather double check than stroll out in the am and find a bike with a punctured tyre. I tried to unlock the shed and the padlock had frozen, that was a first. Brasic. Cupping the lock with my bare hands unfroze it, nice experience that.

Anyway, it was proper cold, there was even a frost on the grass. I strolled back to the house and slipped off the back step, it was literally that icy. I got it in my mind this was going to be a cold commute. I didn't want to contemplate a drive to work due to ice, mainly because of the amount of calories I've murdered this weekend, wine, beer, 2 meals out (three courses) and no Friday ride. Monday simply couldn't be missed.

I started reading magazine articles on winter riding, not sure why as it never helps. I know all I need to know and have the kit to do it. I read about deep winter riding and thought 'man up, you'll be fine' until I stubbled upon the 'riding in snow and ice' article. Thankfully its not snowing in my neck of the woods, it snowed on Sunday but was too wet to settle (I live in the south so we don't get too much). Ice is potentially a killer, I'd ride if only safe enough to do so, it is the week before Christmas after all. 

Thankfully the frost seemed to ease overnight, the shed roof was still white and the car was completly frosted but it was rideable. A lot of ice on pavements and patches on the road in Bracknell/Ascot made the commute slow and a little hairy, I rode as much as I could in the wheel tracks of cars, I'm a shared road user so have the right to claim the lane!

0 degree's, my garmin only works down to -4 (according to the instructions) so I think thats how I'll gauge my rides going forward. Was actually very thankful for my new front tyre as I always felt the Gatorskin to be a little sketchy in rain let alone ice. Took it easy but made it to work without any scares. A good way to tell if its cold is if you're work shower room floors are too cold too walk on bare foot (without noticable discomfort). That day was today.

Remember kids ,if he's not in action, he's in traction......

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