Saturday, 24 December 2011

Pre Christmas blog

162 days in the saddle since March, 324 rides to and from work. 3754 miles ridden.

Its the 24th of December, the house is full of food, presents and alcohol. There are gifts under the tree (not for the kids as Santa brings those, obviously) and life is good.

An initially shit week came good in the end, an emptied bank account (no not the wife, on this occasion), terrible customer service from said bank and an asthma attack for my 4 year old girl and all before Wednesday. My faith in humanity was at breaking point before my bank manager and the wonderful nurses at Frimley park childrens ward fixed all that was broken around me and delivered me to a better place by Friday. My beautiful girl is back to full health.

My commute suffered with an impromptu day off and a drive to work with the need to collect presents. Still a PB on Egham Hill on the Wednesday ended a sour commuting week on a good point.

I love my commute and I love cycling, watching BBC SPOTY and CAV clinching victory was a real plus point for the sport and the man, thoroughly deserved, a true living legend in our midst that one and the only reason my wife sits and watches the last 5 mins of every stage race sprint stage screaming.

The bike is in the shed, not to be touched until the 28th when I stumble back to work full of christmas joy and cheer. I plan on eating too much and drinking plenty, I reckon I've earnt the right to a break off the bike. My legs are in a constant state of ache and a few days recovey sounds like heaven.

Time to enjoy the family and enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

Merry Christmas one and all.

Thanks for reading.

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