Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Point taken...

Now I am a 'break - fix' type of guy, if it works then I ain't touching it. 2 years I've had the Tricross and to be honest other than the addition of new tyres and some mudguards, the only thing I've changed in that time is the chain and the cassette.

That was near enough exactly a year ago. Now due to the addition in 2012 of my new 'summer bike' my Tricross handles only the shit weather, the pissing rain and the freezing temperatures, with zero maintenance from me, I literally add oil to the chain every now and again. I clean nothing. The 'summer bike' on the other hand looks like new as it only ever see's sunshine. I can count on one finger the amount of times it's been ridden in the rain, let alone anything worse.

This attitude has worked ok for me up until this point where I have now been bitten on the ass, royally. My gears have started to slip, no biggy, just adjust the barrel adjuster on the rear mech and sorted, only I can't as its stuck, it won't budge.

I play with front mech and gear cable to make sure both are working, hmmn that'll do. I continue to ride around the bikes frailties promising a gear service some time in the future, only the problem gets dramatically worse.

At that point were you just simply have to stamp on the pedals to put the power down to avoid imminent danger, the chain slips, again and again. This just happened to be on the busiest roundabout on my commute connecting the A30 to the M25, yeah right, the busiest motorway in the country. yay.  Thankfully the driver aiming at me could see my plight and allowed me the time to escape....

Fuck it, gotta stop putting this off and get the damn bike fixed. Visited the LBS who took one look at it and said, "right, new chain, new cassette, new chain rings, new jockey wheels". Chain has stretched, teeth on the chain rings are mullered and the jockey wheels look like your nan with her teeth out. Wicked.

Balls, I don't have the cash to replace the entire freaking drive chain, a stag do and 2 weddings coming up take preference. Serves me right really, 2 years of wear with nothing in the way of TLC is taking the piss a bit. " at least the summer bike looks pretty". Not anymore, tis now the only bike I can actually ride.

It pains me to do it but the newbie now has lights fitted and is ready for the rain (inserts sad face).

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