Monday, 31 December 2012

New Wheels (Ow Yes)

So almost inevitably, robbing my summer bike of its wheel's would result in me requiring a new set at some point, so what better time than now.

I've been looking for a while and narrowed my choice down to 3 sets of wheels from the same store. I wanted Wheels, rim tape and skewers when buying the wheels, other than that I didn't really have higher expectations, the least you'd expect really.

As my birthday and Christmas fall in the same month I always ask for vouchers to spend on my bikes, apparently I'm "boring" and "annoying" for wanting vouchers for the same retailer 2 years in a row, I on the other hand thought I was making life easier for all with my request. Don't ask, you don't get right? I don't want to break the bank for a wheel set but I do want something half decent for my money, anything up on the standard wheels that came with the bike would do.

Thank god for 'Price match'. I choose this set with the red decals listed at £219.99, as they'd suit the bike nicely, I'd have happily paid the asking price too until I remember what a buddy had told me about the sellers price match promise. I had to at least try it. I then found the same set listed here at £137.50. Jesus thats quite a difference.

Turns out with a bit of pleading and a very helpful member of staff (they don't like to price match under 30%) you can get a bargain. I ordered my new wheels at the knock down price.

What a bloody bargain and they come with Mavic branded tyres fitted, its their new 'tyre system' apparently. Like I should have known! I'm still chuffed I got the wheels at that price. Now I just need this rain to bugger off.....

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