Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Sky Ride Leader

Well why not?

It all started on a whim when I fancied a ride. Not fast, not specific, just a ride. I searched the Sky Ride website and found nothing in my area, well nothing I could be bothered to actually ride to anyway. So I thought I'd volunteer my services when I saw British Cycling wanted ride leaders in East Berkshire.

A full days training on a Saturday, that's all it took. It's not rocket science after all, the criteria is the ability to ride a bike and the want to be there and give something back. Thankfully, I fit the criteria.

Training was a mix of classroom sessions and practical, the classroom sessions being mainly road awareness and presence. The practical was more fun, almost teaching us how to ride a bike again, the point to make us aware of the need to deliver to the audience. I mean, you can't expect everyone to turn up in full Lycra with lid in hand and a quality road bike.

We took turns to lead the group around a housing estate, learning to ride for a group and managing the group as a whole. Quite different from my daily commute and riding for myself.

The difference from club riding is your responsibility for the group, you as a ride leader need to ensure they are safe, able and prepared. Assessing their ability prior to setting off.

I'm really looking forward to getting started, Ride Strong I recon, average speed 13-14 mph for a few hours, that's a slow pace for someone riding on the road regularly but it will be fun and help get my mileage up over the summer, not to mention, helping other like minded riders.

Did I mention you get paid? Doesn't matter, I'd do it anyway but win win right ?

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