Monday, 31 December 2012

2012's final blog (thank f**k for that)

1385 miles, now that is a long way.

1385 miles, that's the difference between my 2011 mileage of 3832 and my 2012 mileage of 5217

I started commuting to work on my road bike on the 28th of March 2011. Since then and to this day I have ridden a total of 9049 miles, DAMN that's a long way. Most of my ridden miles have been commuting miles, ironically October was the month I rode the most and August the least, seems I prefer to ride cold than warm. I certainly seem to be consistently faster when the temperature drops.

What of my 2012 goals? Hmmn, didn't really achieve what I set out too, It's the last day of the year and I still haven't ridden a century ride and I certainly ain't doing it now! My longest ride to date, that is in my life ever, is the 84 miles completed at the Meon Valley Riser. For 2013 I again hope to do a 100 mile ride, It's not that I don't believe I can, I know I can it's just the idea of cycling for potentially 7 hours or more, not particularly attractive that idea....maybe just the once then.

I've signed up for the 2013 Wiggle Up and Downs Sportive, ok so again not 100 miles but it's close enough at 96 and more to the point it's not flat, so more of a challenge right? Still not joined a club, I find the schedule of clubs a little hard to adhere too, I wanna ride when I wanna ride, not at 10am every Sunday, although I may have to change that attitude if I want to stop myself going insane over longer distance.

Thank god for having 2 bikes, if I hadn't then I'd have simply stopped riding in September this year when I realised I was riding on a cracked rim, queue a quick cassette/wheel change and I was back on the tarmac. I've gone through 1 set of wheels, 1 set of mudguards, 1 cassette, 1 chain, a handful of tyres and numerous inner tubes, not to mention the consistently snapping plastic tyre levers (really must buy metal levers next time).

I drunk a lot in 2012, not extravagantly but every weekend and in hindsight, probably just enough to keep me away from the bike at weekends. I'll be giving up the booze in the new year so I hope to see more weekend mileage and that ever elusive 100 mile ride come my way soon. Just the one last blow out to go.....Ow and I really must have a go at a club hilly challenge, really fancy that.....

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