Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A new arrival

What a difference a new bike makes. In my case about 2kilograms. Wow.

Took me an age to decide which bike I wanted to spend my hard earned on and even longer to convince the wife a second bike was exactly what I needed. 'what if the frame cracks', 'what if the chain snaps', these and many others were used in my reasoning. Truth is, I just wanted a new and faster bike. I was fairly keen on keeping below the £1000 Ride2Work Voucher limit as I simply couldn't justify spending any more, it is only a bike after all, at the same time I wanted the best bike I could buy for the money as this will be my last for quite some time.

I spent a fair few months scouting the Evans (My company's voucher scheme is with Evans) website for something that would suit my needs. I already have a Cyclocross bike which is fairly heavy and built to take on anything, this time I wanted a full on road bike, something fast which would only come out in fair weather. For quite some time the bikes availble to me just didn't shout at me, nothing really caught my eye and nothing I was willing to spend 1k on.

Then Evans decided to have a 10% sale on all 2012 bikes, so my search got serious. I read many reviews in many magazine's and cutting a very long story short, I settled on this. Ok so it's £49 more than I wanted to spend but with 10% off, it bought the bike down to £944 (Bargain). There is just no point trying to buy full carbon at this price point as the Aluminium bikes are as light with better components.

Here is the Cannondale link on the bike http://www.cannondale.com/gbr/2012/bikes/road/elite-road/caad8/2012-caad8-5-105-20287 and I genuinely believe I have one of the best and most eye catching bikes available. Well I'm gonna say that aren't I......

I'm now lucky enough to have a winter bike and a summer bike, bring on the sunshine :)

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  1. Yeah, the Cannondale is a great looking bike.