Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Mileage reset....

So 2011 is over and 2012 has started, my startfarm (yeah, you'd think it would be statfarm right?) stats have been reset and its back to zero.

Over 3800 miles covered in 2011 but this is a new year so a new challenge awaits. I want to achieve 5000 miles in the saddle this year, which by my calculations should be do-able. Riding my commute distance 5 days a week over 52 weeks is roughly 6500miles, take into account holidays and potential sickness and I should be ok. Anything above 5000 would be a bonus.

Realising that only ever riding 12.5 miles at any time I really want to achieve distance. I'm happy in the knowledge that I'm fitter at 34 than I've probably ever been with cycle specific conditioning, I hope to ride a 100 mile sportive at some point this year. I've been riding all winter so I'm in no rush to do it, only the weather will make me faster but I do want to do it before the year is out.

Also possibly a hill climb, I'm a fairly strong climber at the moment so it would be a good test for the legs. I love climbing, its the one part of a ride I really cherish, the one moment where you can really set a marker and leave your mates for dead. I do enjoy the feeling of riding away from other riders, especially ones on carbon machines worth twice as much and weighing half that of my machine. After all, its not about the bike....

First things first, some attention to my running gear before my chain snaps

Time to step it up in 2012.

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