Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Its about time

So I've bought the parts and the bike is in the shop.....

This shop to be precise. No real reason for using these guys over the likes of Evans, their just within walking distance, which is uber handy.

Rear Cassette (12-25) and chain purchased, I guess the bike will need new gear cables too, after 4000 plus miles a bit of TLC is probably deserved. When I took the bike in, the mechanic on his knee's at the rear wheel, instantly said 'damn, you've got good use out of this'. Never done this distance, don't want my chain to snap but at the same time, if it ain't broke....

Anyhoo, this update is for me to make note of when I next need to change the chain/cassette. The mechanic did mention the middle ring may need replacing but the 'Outer' and the 'Granny' (never used), were fine. I spend most the time in the big ring so found this slightly odd.

Will be interesting to see what lube I'm advised to buy upon collection. For some reason I seem to be waiting for a call telling me numerous parts are 'screwed' and need replacing....must come from being a 'kwik fit' customer.

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