Friday, 23 June 2017

Budget (sc)Rubber

My cycling budget has never been large. In fact, some times it's barely even a budget, its non existent.

I'm constantly on the look out for a cycling bargain. I'm not great with maintenance of my kit, especially components and when it comes to clothing, i want function because its basically going to get rinsed by me. I don't want lovely gear because i'll ruin it and that would make me sad.

I buy DHB, I shop in Decathlon, great prices for great functional kit. Wiggle have bought out more incredible kit under the Lifeline brand. Some really good kit at great prices. Cleats for less than £6 is mental!

So I need some new rubber for the bike. I've had a set of Gatorskin's for far too long. Well over 5k miles to this point, they just keep on going....I don't want to mention the number of puncture's i've had on this set of tyres cause i'll instantly get one the next time i ride but the total is countable on less than 2 fingers.

Such an incredible tyre, I could just buy more and i probably will at some point. I get that some people use lighter rubber in the summer but lets be honest, no one can actually tell the difference between summer and winter tyres unless they ride 'Marathons' during the colder months. I simply want puncture protection.

Nothing worse than being stood at the side of the road fixing a puncture. It'll always happen in the dark, on an unlit road, probably when its pissing down.

And then I found these The Lifeline Prime Armour Road they have some cracking reviews and for £13.20 (I'm a Wiggle Platinum customer) a tyre, what's not to love.

If I get 2000 miles out of them for that price, its an absolute bargain.

Check this review from its the review that made me give em a punt.

All this said, i haven't actually fitted them yet but i will, at some point. I'd like to imagine i'd give some handy feedback on the tyres, like how they handle in different conditions but truth be told, I'll just smash them in to the ground and not be able to tell a blind bit of difference over the current tyres i have. Just as long as they work, that's fine by me.

Yay cat on a unicorn. obvs.

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