Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Drafting or should that be 'dafting'

I like drafting. It makes my life easier. It's also nice to share the responsibilities for breaking the air and in turn making the ride seem effortlessly faster.

But I'm not talking about drafting with another bike. I'm talking about drafting like Guy Martin, Drafting something big.

It's bloody dangerous and something I've never done before.

I recall being at a sportive in the New Forest on a quiet road and my ride buddy jumping in the slipstream of a passing lorry. I didn't as I took the moral high ground, never saw him again until the next feed station. His instance pace was EPIC.

This morning, on one of the busiest roads on my commute, I did the unthinkable. It just seemed too good to turn down.

Just to clarify, there was very little traffic, due to the Easter holidays. This thing was crazy big. One of those movable crane things, yeah one of these:

I just couldn't help myself. It seemed effortless, I maxed at a mental 39.8mph behind that thing. I was too close to comfort and constantly staring at the break lights so I never intended to do it for long.

Got a Freaking KOM . Though, it's a joint one at an average of 29.6mph, so I'm feeling perhaps i'm not the first to do this on this section of road. It's not a climb, why do Strava offer KOM's for flat and downhill segments? Surely they could use a different term.....

A couple of miles drafting max, if that. It felt silly and I shouldn't recommend it but like everything you shouldn't do, it seemed right at the time. Like a good drink up on a Sunday when you've been off all week and have to work on the Monday. You've had all week to do this but no, Sunday is the day.

So wrong, its right. Just this once.

Made me feel like Wiggins, if just for a moment.

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