Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Well isn't this lovely

God damn it, poxy weather....

So it's gonna be like this all week then, wonderful. Theres nothing better than cycling to work and getting drenched, ow unless your lucky enough to experience a nice headwind. A combination of the two is my favourite.

Ok, so I'm lucky enough to have a shower at work so it doesn't really matter if I get wet or not, but I'd really rather not. The way the weather has been, I may as well ride to work with a bar of soap to save time....and this is England during a fucking drought! a DROUGHT

The commute is no longer enjoyable, its just nessecary. I had driving hail last Thursday through Windsor Great Park. This week I've gotten soaked every day either on route to or from work.

Tip of the Day: scrumple paper into your shoes to draw out the moisture. There are enough free papers milling about, you're bound to have a colleague somewhere that has one. Rob it, it really works.

Theres even a site to track the rain fall, oooww:

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