Monday, 20 February 2017

My First of 2017

I've completely forgotten about this blog. I guess life just gets in the way.

I'm only commuting now, which doesn't really seem like it's exciting enough to talk about, perhaps I'm missing the point.

3 days a week has been this years norm. Not done a 200 mile week yet, the shame......

Over 100 miles off my yearly target progress, although I feel that may suffer more as the year progresses. On a more positive note, tonight I'll pass my first 1000 miles for the year, no mean feat in itself.

I've been out for one weekend ride. With my new next door neighbour. I knew we'd get on when I saw him pull up for the first time, entire contents of his house in a lorry, bar his 3 bikes, lovingly packed into his car. He has a garage, the bikes don't live in there, he has a bike room. Too cool

Anyway, think I managed about 13 miles in total. Spoke snapped at about 7 miles, the remaining miles were me limping home at a pathetic pace with the wheel rubbing the frame and no rear brake.

So that's that. A very uneventful first 1000 miles.

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