Monday, 19 December 2016

The sudden realisation you're not quite going to make it.......

I keep thinking I'll make it up, I'll make it up, I have plenty of time. Turns out, I won't and no, I don't.

I wanted to hit 8k this year, 8000 miles for the year. I won't. It'll be close but not close enough.

I've ridden further. This year I've been able to Work From Home more frequently, more often than not, twice a week. This does really hit your mileage. I used to be really reluctant to WFH. Losing the days mileage was just too much to stomach. Now, I positively Love It. Mostly.

I've slightly upped my commute distance to allow for the additional WFH day. 25 miles each way. It does get a little tiresome. At the end of the day when it bleak outside, dark and pissing down, I don't really want to cycle 25 miles. 15 would be perfect. 25 can be a little much.

So if I ride 3 days on the bounce and get in 150 miles, by the time Thursday rolls around, WFH and staying in bed for 2 hours longer is BLISS, it really is.

Then, Along came Boy.

My social riding has been non existent. I can count on 2 fingers the amount of weekend cycling rides I've gotten in this year.

So, early December I'm chasing the miles, hoping to make up the deficit. June I rode 393 miles in a month. That's at least 300 miles less than I'd have hoped in a normal month. So this is where I missed out on the 8000 for the year but my 2nd Son was born, So I missed out on nothing. I just enjoyed my beautiful boy and his first few weeks.

I then thought 'whats the point' in trying to make up the miles in crap weather. I know exactly where I lost the miles and exactly how to make them up next year. So there it is. Yeah I could make them up, If I wanted too. In dark, foggy conditions. I won't though.

Or I just start again 01/01/2017. Well it won't be, It'll be 03/01/2017. Got Sherlock to sit through first. obvs.

I'd like to be committed enough to take part in the Rapha festive 500 but I'm not and I won't. Christmas isn't about miles. It should be done by then. Christmas is about family, friends, food and fun.

I haven't finished just yet. About 125 to add to my total of 7740 before I sign off for the year. A Close call.


  1. Still a bloody good effort which ever way you look at it. How many miles a year do the vast majority of people cycle every year?
    After I got hit by a car in April I've cut my road mileage right back. Had a massive confidence fail and don't enjoy being on the road at all. Every journey now is a relief to arrive safely.
    I was looking at getting a new bike before the accident, Di2 and everything. Instead I used the money and got a Tacx Neo direct drive smart trainer. Game changer for me. I can do a short 10-15 mile commute ( I even use cycle paths now, never used to) and then spend as much time as I like on the trainer, in safety, at home. Zwift, Traineroad and Tacxs own software all really good.
    I used to take the piss out of people who used it, not proper cycling and all that, now I wouldn't be without it.
    Congrats on the new additions this year, boy and bike :-)

    Always enjoy reading your blog. Cycle safe chap.

  2. Thanks for the Congrats bud, appreciated.
    I do remember your accident. Shame it's hit your confidence in that way, bound too though. I'm glad you've found something that works for you, a lot of guys here use turbo's, seems like a sensible option. I'm getting more wary as the days pass, not sure if its the new boy or increased traffic or a combination. Everywhere I go there are new builds popping up, not just houses but blocks of flats, It's only going to get worse.

    Time for an MTB and a re-think of my route....

    Hope you have a good Christmas