Friday, 30 September 2016

Not a real post, post.

I LOVE my commute, always have.

Whatever the weather, which ever route I take, it's always the best part of my working day. Without doubt.

I'm fairly sure I couldn't drive my commute with a better average speed than I get on the bike. 19+ mph average on my better days, which also depends massively on traffic and traffic lights.

But its not simply about that. Speed. It's more the freedom of it. Of Not being sat in a car, of Not being traffic, of not sitting behind some clown, of not being stuck in road works. The list is endless.

This is this morning's route, a perfect 25 miles. It's Friday morning so I wasn't going for it, it was just a lovely crisp bright morning. Perfect for cycling. 

The best part about the ride is always Windsor Great Park, for me, about an hour into the ride. 3-4 miles with no traffic and nothing but beautiful surroundings and wildlife. 

Cows, Sheep, Pheasants, Deer to name a few. So privileged to be able to ride here daily.  A small piece of heaven lurking just outside the M25. 

That Windsor Castle, how exciting.

I never really stop to take pictures on my rides, I should do it more to capture the moment but most the time, I can't really be bothered and then there is the average speed to keep up....

Anyway, that rocked.

Was a bit chilly at 7am though. 8 degrees in parts. Its coming. Its defo coming.

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