Friday, 23 October 2015

This all feels a little self indulgent....

I barely recognise this page anymore. I've not touched it for over a year. I don't even own the bikes in the photo's on the page any longer.

What a difference a year makes. I don't even really know what the point in this is. Making the assumption that anyone ever reads this, I guess the purpose was more like an online diary, my timeline of events. I do love the title though, that's great. Really need to make that into something with greater purpose.

Perhaps this is just me typing on a Friday afternoon to make it look like I'm working. haha. 

Do you ever wonder what happens to those people you see cycling, regularly, like you, that then just disapear? I do, frequently. Being a cycle commuter, maybe they just get bored, buy a car, have a family, get a new job or a list of excuses not to bother, especially as the winter draws closer.

I found it quite interesting looking through my old posts when I first created this blog and what I intended to use it for. I meant to use this as some kind of training diary for my London to Barcelona ride which I did back in June 2014. Then promplty didn't. That's done and now feels like a lifetime ago.

God that was exciting, prepping for an event, training specifically for it with a group of like minded people. Now I'm just getting ready for another winter of commuting on the bike, a new jacket, the majority of the same kit I was using 3 years ago, same lights, new bikes. Damn.

What is it about shoe covers, why do you need to go through about 6 pairs until you find some that actually work. Then walk a hole into them when you double puncture a mile from the office. Poxy things.

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