Sunday, 28 July 2013

Time to write an update

Wow, so year on year I seem to have ridden less and less in the summer months, I mean I still ride but I do like to steal the wife's car if it's too hot. Not this Summer, during the impromptu 'heat wave' I haven't been able to get off my bike, in fact I'm extending my commute everywhere. So much so that I now find myself chasing a 1000 mile month.....

I'm at about 920 for the month so far. I say that as I've not added Fridays commute home and Sundays ride to my total, which was about 883. I think.

I'm simply loving being on the bike at the mo and I'm spending money on upgrades so I appreciate it more. A nice set of Oakley Radar's replaced the £15 Evans specials that kept slipping off my face. New bib shorts with London to Barcelona in mind and a Garmin 810 with HR/Cadence and full mapping.

With regards to the Garmin, it is a proper extravagance but I intended to upgrade from the 200 to enable me to record HR/Cadence and last week I got lost, so thought 'why not'. It is an awesome device.

Since I last blogged I've also ridden a couple of events, first the 'Farnham charity bike ride' and then the Wiggle 'Magnificat'.

The Farnham ride was a 50 miler ridden with a friend just getting in to cycling and the 'Magnificat' was an 80 miler ridden purely by chance.

I will add more on both events and my 1000 mile month of July very shortly.

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