Saturday, 1 June 2013

Out with the Old, In with the New

Finally, after speaking about it for so long, I've now added a Single Speed to my stable.

And what a Single Speed!

Look at the condition of it, according to the Specialized website it's an 08 version , if only all bikes were kept looking this good.

Mint isn't it! I paid £180 for this bike which frankly I'm astounded by. It was lovingly cared for by the previous owner. Although it's never quite yours without the personal touches...

I've simply added a little more puncture protection and a nice cage. So I bought this bike with the intension of it becoming my new winter bike, low maintenance, simple, light, fast....Oddly on the Tuesday just gone I had my first opportunity to ride it, It was pissing down and I do mean pissing. I added the SMS mudguards which came in the sale (very easy to add and remove) put it back in the garage and got a lift to work....

BUT look at the condition of it!

I will be riding it today and it WILL become my main commuting bike in all weathers (honest guv).

A lot of people have opinions on Single Speeds and the benefits they have on your riding, better cadence, stronger climbing and a lot of negative comments 'you'll get bored', 'same speed everywhere? nah mate, not for me'. So I'm very interested to see if this improves my riding or not.

To be continued.....

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