Monday, 1 April 2013

6 days and counting

With 6 days to go until my first Sportive (ish) ride of 2013 it seemed inevitable that I'd need to ramp up my mileage a little.

Needing to do this made me realise I don't really do long rides, in fact all I ever seem to do is commute. My max distance is around 30 miles a day, I do ride every day I work (give or take) as I don't own a car but my real struggle is distance.

This again proved to be the case on Sunday. I rode with a mate who is far more accomplished at riding distance and manages his performance accordingly.

My legs weren't feeling great after a run on the Saturday, I don't run as a rule but like the idea of being able to exercise in 30 minutes. The last time I ran, I ran 3 miles then struggled to walk for a week.

Little steps....I ran 1.2 miles, I was gone 8 mins, the wife questioned why I even bothered but it's good to build up slowly.

Anyway, about an 2 hours in I decided to test my legs by jumping on the wheel of another cyclists who just happened to pass on one of many Chiltern climbs. I stayed with and felt good, it seems that may well have been the high point of my ride. I dropped my ride
Buddy who then preceded to 'carry me' for the remainder of the ride.

It seems I struggle over 40ish miles, not great with a 95 miler coming up. Now I could blame nutrition as I'd only eaten Hot cross buns pre ride. I always under estimate the effect of a good feed.

It seems I may need to pace myself and ride within my means for the first 40. Pride eh?!

A real highlight of the ride was a coffee stop in Henley, an exceptional cappuccino alongside a heavenly Peice of Tiffin at the 55 mile mark was much needed.

My ride buddy rides a Canyon (full carbon) to my Alu Cannondale, weighs about a stone more than me and descends like a eff'ing bullet, if neither of us pedal and both crouch he'll pull a huge gap before the descent is over. I didn't even have the energy to pull this back on the flat, so kudos goes to Martin for staying with me.

At 70 miles, post leg cramp, I was just happy for the ride to be nearing the end. Thankfully, while I was out ruining myself, my better half was cooking roast chicken and all the trimmings, which I devoured upon my return. If it hadn't of been for a post meal walk around the Look Out, my legs would feel worse today than their current 'glass' like state.

Looking toward next weeks 90 miler, I'm feeling that losing 15 quid isn't the end of the world, after all 'who needs distance cycling'?

Nah, I'll give it a bash and see how I get on, hopefully it'll be cancelled due to the weather.

That's the attitude.....

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