Friday, 1 March 2013

Hacked off

Summer bike or Winter hack?

My precious Cannondale. The one I needed the wife's permission for. The one that only see's the sun, never ventures out in the rain or muck.

The one I'd only ever upgrade if parts wear or break, no cheap fix here.My pride and get the picture.

I keep it under lock and key and to be honest, rarely ride it. I've upgraded the wheels and added a white saddle (bad idea) put it back in the shed, awaiting summer.

Now it's my bloody winter hack, I hate using it but my wife tells me "it's only a bike". I hate seeing it like this and today's weather is the worse type for keeping a bike clean, wet and filthy.

The annoying thing is that I have the perfect winter bike, with mudguards and lights and I don't care about it as long as it works but it doesn't, it's buggered. Has been for about a month. Cash flow or the obvious lack of has kept it broken in the shed and kept me on the summer bike.

Finally I've bought all the parts I need and the winter bike is booked in with my LBS for 9:30am to get sorted. I can't wait to clean the summer bike and put it back safe and warm.And mudguards, god damn I've missed mudguards.

Trying to commute in England in February without mudguards is insane, ok it's not gonna kill you but bugger me will you get wet.

But it's soiled now, the summer ride will never be the same again now I know the bike has seen some abuse.

Every nut is rusty and caked in crap..... Ah well, it's only a bike....

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