Tuesday, 23 October 2012

When will she learn?

So in my previous post I mentioned how I now have a cracked back wheel and inevitably it will need replacing.

Ok so I have 2 bikes, lucky me. One is older and heavier and one is younger, prettier and lighter, you can see where this is going....one never see's rain, the other comes with me over hill and down dale, we share blood, sweat (literally) and tears. I've fallen off it and I've kicked it over in frustration but it's never missed a beat and will always be the bike I turn to when the weather sets in.

Apparently this is hard for a woman to get her head around. One for rain and one for shine. It really is that simple. Don't fuck with my theory.

So I'm debating on a new rear wheel (like for like), a new budget set of wheels or a better set for the summer bike, that way I can just place the current wheels on the old bike and save a little dosh towards something a little better.

So I go at the wife with my findings and tell her my thoughts. Her initial response is 'why don't you just use the new bike, thats what you brought it for'. (This one sentence explains the chasm in understanding as to exactly why I own 2 bikes). Now I can't put in words all the things wrong with this sentence but I'll name a few....No, just No. It doesn't see rain (unless of course I'm caught in a shower whilst out riding), it's pretty, it's light, I like looking at it and No it doesn't come out in the rain. Did I mention it doesn't come out in the rain?

Now I agree this is a little sad, I am very lucky in that I have a choice in which bike I ride when the weather is crap. My old bike has mudguards, my new bike doesn't even have eyelets for mudguards, why would I choose to ride it in the rain when I have a bike set up for wet weather, JESUS.

It's not rocket science. she'll never understand how I need new wheels. I can't just 'use the new bike' because I'll then still have a broken rear wheel.....not logical thinkers are they.....

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  1. Logical thinkers? Well call me stupid (and you probably will) but I don't see how slating and degrading ones wife over the internet is based on descent logic. So might I suggest you grab a blanket and go sleep in the shed with your precious bikes you knob and make sure you sign the divorce papers when they arrive, we don't need to make this messy.